Shamanic Drum

Denise Guerringue is a deeply empathic and compassionate healer, family constellations facilitator and reiki master. When Denise works with you, she calls in all the knowledge, processes and help available so you can heal into the life in which you live your highest possible dreams. A phone or in-person session with Denise will draw on her experience as a Shamanic Healer and Counselor, Constellations Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, and business manager to ensure your brightest, fastest path forward.

Sky Lanterns, metaphor for Ancestors and Family Constellations

Constellations for Families, Systems, Organizations and Nature

Family and Systemic Constellations is a beautiful and powerful way to identify what the true, sometimes hidden, sources of your life’s hardest and deepest challenges, and then to act to move and release that. In removing yourself from the hidden obstacles that entangle you, you are able to choose to move forward in life, toward fulfilling your highest dreaming. Learn More

Shamanic Healing & Counseling

Shamanic healing is very likely humankind’s oldest practice of both healing and spirituality. During a shamanic healing session, you and Denise will form an alliance with Spirit in order to discover vital information and perspectives; re-gain your personal power; heal trauma from past life events; neutralize obstacles to health and well-being; and harmonize with the legacies created by your ancestors. Learn More

Spirit bowel, metaphor for Shamanic Healing, Counseling and Teaching
Water flowing, metaphor for Reiki Healing and Teaching

Reiki Healing & Teaching

Experience the relaxation of a Reiki session, and reduce your stress levels while you promote your own healing. When working with Reiki, we invoke and work with the “universal life force energy” that is present and constitutes all living things. Reiki moves through the practitioner and to you, the client, through gentle touch, either directly on your skin or nearby, as your own individual need requires. Reiki energy can also travel across distances, allowing you to experience its healing effects remotely. Learn More