Learn Usui Reiki

Learn ReikiReiki is a technique that reduces stress and induces relaxation in a way that also promotes healing. When working with Reiki, we invoke and work with the "universal life force energy" that constitutes all living things. Reiki is moved through the practitioner and to the client through gentle touch. That touch may be directly on or near the client, as individual need requires. Reiki energy can also travel across distances, allowing its healing effects to be gained remotely. Reiki energy is a very effective adjunct to any medical, psychological or shamanic healing work you may undertake.

What happens during a Reiki session?

Reiki is a very flexible system that permits the work to take place anywhere. Homes, offices, hospitals, outdoor locations and anywhere else human beings congregate are all likely locations for Reiki work. When possible, a Reiki session will be conducted in a warm, quiet room. Practitioners typically discuss the issues that bring you to the session to hold a clear picture of the work. Soothing background music augments your relaxation as you take your place on a massage table or in a chair. As the session progresses, the practitioner will place hands gently on or near your body in up to 22 different locations. People receiving Reiki describe a variety of sensations during this work; some experience Reiki energy as deeply warming, some as cooling, some as like a light breeze. Others experience only the sensation of deep relaxation. No matter your experience, you will know that you are creating a space of deep and renewing peace for your body, mind and soul.



Can Reiki work remotely?

Reiki has been shown to be very effective when shared remotely. In fact, Usui Reiki training teaches techniques specifically for this kind of work. When working remotely you will make yourself quiet and comfortable in your remote location during the time the Reiki work is done. The practitioner then asks Reiki to establish a connection with the client and the work continues as if both people were in the same location. 



Can I give Reiki to myself?

Absolutely! Giving Reiki to yourself every day is an ideal healing and spiritual practice. Anyone can learn basic Reiki and how to bring this enlivening energy into their lives each day. Check our Training page for upcoming instruction in Reiki I and Reiki II to learn more about self-care with Reiki and learning to give Reiki to others.

Do Shamanism and Reiki work together?

Shamanism and Reiki are naturally compatible....learn more

Photo credit (sunset image): Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash