Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki is an energy medicine system built upon ancient Celtic understandings of how the world and we humans work. In this system we generate, amplify and help to deliver healing spiritual energy to where and when it is needed for the thriving of individual beings and the world. In this way it is similar to the Usui, Jikiden and other variations of Eastern and Western Reiki.

Sacred Tree Medicine

Celtic Reiki, however, has an additional aspect to it: Sacred Tree Medicine. This system recognizes, honors and builds upon our sacred relationship with the trees. It understands that trees, our stalwart companions in life on this world, provide us with medicine when we are in relationship with them. Celtic Reiki is a system that fosters the deepening of those relationships with trees, and shows us how to call on their medicines and bring that to the world.

Energy Healing System

The precepts underlying this energy system have emerged from ancient Celtic recovered knowledge, see through modern eyes. As such, it is very strongly allied with the ancient Celtic alphabet known as the Og(h)am. Based on this ancient understanding of the order of things, Celtic Reiki uses the medicine of 25 symbols to explore, expand and utilize the medicine of each of the symbols’ associated tree. Each of these symbols and their medicine are both strong individually, and when used together for a holistic healing.

This energy healing modality was brought into the world by Jane Burns, a shamanic practitioner honored for her deep knowledge, work and living within Celtic traditions. I was instructed, attuned and authorized by Jane to teach this medicine in 2017.


Celtic Reiki Card "Blackthorn" from Portal to the Sacred Trees: A Celtic Oracle Deck, by Jane Burns.

Learning Celtic Reiki

Working with the Celtic Reiki system calls us ever more deeply into intuitive understanding of energy healing. We are called, as practitioners, to call upon the trees for healing that address each individual’s unique condition and circumstances. Because the Celtic Reiki system is complex in its sources and expressions, the teaching is delivered over the course of 3 two-day workshops.

During these workshops we will establish and explore relationships with individual trees of the Celtic traditions, as well as gain hands-on practice in using the medicine to help each other to heal. At the end of this training, you will have been introduced and attuned to 25 trees and their symbols, learned how to use that knowledge and empowerment to heal yourself and others, and learned how to use your knowledge as the basis as an on-going and expanding way of walking your way in the world.

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