Finding and releasing the Healer that is in you, able to call your healing forward, can be as easy as breathing. Breathwork is an easy-to-learn, highly effective healing method that simply brings your awareness fully into your body. Once your consciousness is held in your body’s knowing you can simply breath your way into and through the obstacles in the way of the love and power that arise naturally from your spirit and soul.

If you can breath, you can use breathwork to heal yourself.

Breathwork- BreathingHere’s what happens during a breathwork session: We will first talk about the challenges you are meeting, the longings of your heart, the inspirations of your soul. When the time is right and the moment is ripe you will lie down and make yourself comfortable. Then you’ll breath in a simple two-stage pattern for 30-40 minutes, surrendering ever more deeply to the wisdom of your body and spirit. I’ll be your companion on every step of this journey, helping you to pace your breathing, and playing music to aid your healing. When your meditation has ended we’ll have time to talk about your experience and answer your questions.

Your breathwork session is only the beginning of your healing breath work, if you wish. Expanding the medicine of your breathwork session into periodic–or even daily–practice on your own can be a deep new spiritual practice for you, simple to follow but rich in reward. We’ll have time to talk about how to walk your deepening path on your own.

Breathwork, drawn from the ancient yogic discipline of pranayama, has served humanity’s spiritual evolution for thousands of years. Modern breathwork is a simpler, more straightforward way to use this ageless technique for your healing.