Denise GuerringueWelcome! I’m glad we’ve found each other here in the odd realities of cyberspace.

I am Denise Guerringue, a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, a Facilitator of family and other systemic Constellations and a Reiki Master Teacher. Here is what I want you to know: I am passionate about using all my skills, those upper case ones I list above, and some lower case ones I list below, to help you to heal into the Life you, Embodied Soul, came to this Earth to live. My story of how this came to be my passion is below. I am deeply and sincerely curious to hear your story

My Story:

I worked for decades in the “corporate world,” but always maintained a toehold in the spiritual one. Meditation, yoga, qi gong, tai chi and other mainstream practices were squeezed into my days whenever I could find a small gap. Married to the love of my life, and the mother of three children, those gaps were few and far between, but they did occasionally arise.

One day, however, the Universe and my life conspired to call me unavoidably and irrevocably to shamanism; it was a call that would brook no refusal. And so, I gradually surrendered to that call, first re-learning the art of the shamanic journey that I’d mastered as a child, and promptly abandoned as my orderly life of school, jobs and living for the ever-elusive future took over. From there, it was a gradual instruction from teachers both human and spiritual, in what it means to do the work that I do today. I count myself as incomprehensibly fortunate to live my days in service to the remarkable healing and learning of all of you, my delightful fellow human beings.

Your Curiosity:

Most people want to know, but are often afraid to ask, about my training. By which they mean my training with human teachers. I am everlastingly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to study with remarkable human teachers. Among those treasured experiences are these:

Family, Human and Natural Systems Constellations and Constellation as Ceremony, with Francesca Mason Boring, All My Relations ConstellationsIn this extensive and indescribably excellent 21-day training, I was able to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in facilitating both phenomenological and structural Constellations. This very rich training was a deep and extended walk into the ways of facilitating Constellations for individuals, families, organizations, and systems of nature. Francesca’s teachings about how to use Constellations as Ceremony, including the use of ritual, opened vistas to even wider use of Constellations.

Advanced Shamanic Healing with Sandra Ingerman. In this work I learned advanced techniques for shamanic healing, including extraction, healing with spiritual light, psychopomp work (shamanic healing of the dead) and soul retrieval. Sandra’s instruction has a special emphasis on aftercare—what to do after your shamanic healing.

Compassionate Depossession and Curse Unraveling (Basic and Advanced) with Betsy Bergstrom . In this work I learned shamanic healing techniques to compassionately help a possessing spirit to move into the Light, the natural destination of all deceased beings. I’ve found this to be deeply beautiful and moving shamanic work. I also learned how to unravel curses, or binding thoughtforms, and to return the energy sustaining them to where it belongs. This is effective and freeing work.

Wheel of Life Middleword training with Betsy Bergstrom. This remarkably rich 2 year program emphasizes shamanic helaing work through mediumship, divination, oracular and healing Seidr, and the transformation of belief systems. This advanced shamanic study explores concepts not typically explored in current shamanic training.

The Cycle of Transfomation with the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing. During my 4-year Cycle training I gained a broad and deep perspective of shamanism’s utility for transforming one’s life, and a cosmology that forms the basis for much of my shamanic work.

Celtic Reiki with Jane Burns. This complex and powerful energy medicine system was uncovered and developed by Jane Burns, an extraordinary teacher of Celtic ways of healing. The system relies on powerful Earth energies of Land, Sea and Sky, as well as the caring medicine delivered to us via the trees.

Usui Reiki with Kathie Lipinski (The International Center for Reiki Training ). In this training I received attunements and instruction in Reiki I, II, Advanced Reiki Training and Master and Teacher training. I’ve greatly enjoyed exploring the parallels in Reiki and shamanic healing with my clients, and helping my students to explore where they might find the intersection useful. Reiki energy work is simple to learn, but complex and profound in its effects, much like shamanic techniques.

Co-Active Coaching with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI ). This in-depth 5-part program provided me with almost 100 hours of in-class training in the art of life coaching. I was fortunate to have had extraordinary and fun experiences of learning and self-learning with magnificent coaches who taught me the ropes and inspired me to bring this method of life coaching to help heal the world. I have been honored to watch the fulfillment of this promise in the lives of my magnificent and beautiful life coaching clients.

Other Stuff:

Before my life of thrilling spiritual hijinks, I had many fulfilling experiences in the business world. The body of that work was about using technology to share information with readers. My specialties were in content and knowledge creation (for older technologies and, eventually, the Web), management, and delivery. That eventually took the form of experiences in web marketing, which is work I still occasionally do today. The great value of those decades of work for me now is the perspective it provides me to understand and aid my clients in living, navigating and thriving in the reality of the business world.