My Commitment to You

My commitment to you and to the work that we do together is to bring myself with full integrity to our work. That means I will dedicate the appropriate time to preparing for our meeting, will absolutely show up when our work is to begin, and stay until it is ended. This is true whether we are meeting in physical space, on the phone, in cyberspace or in the spiritual space. In other words: When I make an appointment with you, I mark that time in my calendar and I dedicate that time to you. This is true whether our work is shamanic healing, Constellations, transformational coaching, Reiki, or group or individual teaching/learning.

My Expectations of You

I expect you to match my commitment to show up for our agreed-upon meetings, whether in person, on the phone or in cyberspace. This honors your commitments to yourself, to me and to Spirit.
  • Telephone calls. If we choose to work together over the phone we will make an appointment to be on the telephone together. Please know that I consider that call a commitment on my part. I will be available for your call on time and ready to work. I ask that you “show up” for our phone appointment on time and ready to work as well.  All telephone calls, whether for transformational coaching, shamanic work or followup, or for any other purpose, have associated fees. You are responsible for those fees whether or not you show up for our telephone call, unless you have cancelled via phone or email 48 hours in advance.
  • Cancellations. Please cancel or reschedule your weekday appointment at least 48 hours before our appointment. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or fail to show up for your appointment for any reason, I will ask you to honor your commitment and to pay in full for your appointment. This courtesy allows me to offer time to another client and to order my days in a way that supports me and my work.
  • Lateness. If you are late for our appointment, I cannot extend your appointment. I will work with you for the time that remains if enough time remains to accomplish the work at hand. In any case, I will expect you to pay in full for your appointment.
  • Refunds. On the rare occasion I am unable to show up for your appointment or workshop, I will absolutely refund any advance payment you have made. I will also refund your payment, minus processing fees and costs (if any), if you cancel your weekday appointment 48 hours or more in advance of our scheduled time. I do not refund fees paid for workshops or classes; these events usually have a maximum number of attendees, much like a ticket you purchase to a performance. I do encourage you to pass on your purchased seat to a friend or family member who might benefit from the work if you cannot attend yourself.