Shamanic Healing & Counseling

Shamanic healing is very likely humankind's oldest practice of both healing and spirituality; archeologists and shamans speculate the practice has been in use for over 100,000 years. Michael Harner, in his ground-breaking work  The Way of the Shaman, described the shamanic practitioner as one "who enters an altered state of consciousness — at will — to contact and utilize an ordinarily hidden reality in order to acquire knowledge, power and to help other persons." The technology of using that contact to bring spiritual healing to individuals, communities and the planet is what shamanic practice is about.

During a shamanic healing session, you and I will form an alliance with spirit guides in order to discover vital information and perspectives, and initiate your personal growth and spritual growth. Using shamanic techniques, you will re-gain your personal power and re-discover your spiritual gifts; heal trauma from past life events; neutralize obstacles to health and well-being; and harmonize with the legacies created by your ancestors; open yourself to the spiritual guidance of your spirit guides.

I use specific shamanic techniques to affect a healing, including:

  • Soul retrieval and shamanic healing integration
  • Psychopomp work (shamanic healing of the dead)
  • Ancestral healing
  • Energy extraction
  • Curse unraveling
  • Transformation of belief systems
  • Power retrieval
  • Chakra clearing and restoration
  • Usui and Celtic Reiki as appropriate
  • Ritual creation (and participation when appropriate) for the transformation of energy
  • Shamanic ceremony to mark life's significant events
  • Personal shamanic journeying and spiritual practice instruction

What happens during a shamanic healing session ?

Each session, whether in person or over the phone, begins with a conversation. You and I discuss what matters to you in your life, what is calling for healing at that moment, where your spiritual growth is calling you to be and your hopes for the session's outcome. Then, you will sit or lie down in my healing space (or your own, if we are working remotely), and I will enter the trance "journey" state and begin a journey on your behalf. Your job is to simply relax during this process. Once the work in the spirit guides is complete, I will work with you to incorporate new energies, soul parts or spiritual gifts into your physical and energetic bodies, and to answer any questions you might have about the completed work. I encourage you to talk with me over the weeks and months following shamanic healing to integrate new energies and changing ways of being into your life.

Shamanic Counseling for Personal and Spiritual Growth

The trance state the shamanic practitioner enters in order to communicate with the spirit guides are every human's birthright. Each of us is eventually, with the intention and proper environment, able to enter the trance state called "journeying" in order to communicate with Spirit. I can help you to enrich your journeying experiences and incorporate the wisdom and power you gain into your life through shamanic counseling. Contact my assistant Mia to learn more about how counseling will work in your life.

Can we do this work over the phone?

Some shamanic work can be performed remotely.  I work with clients all over the world using online tools such as Zoom.

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If you have questions about possibilities for your situation, contact my assistant Mia.

What are your fees for shamanic healing?

  • Shamanic healing session:  $230 (weekdays) (Contact my assistant Mia to reserve a session time.)
  • Follow-up phone session: $120 per 45 minute consultation. This phone session is NOT a shamanic healing session. It is a conversation. It is useful as a follow up after shamanic healing, during which we can explore and answer questions that arise during and after shamanic healing.

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