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Family Constellations is not Astrology. It is YOU.

Denise GuerringueFamily Constellations

Family Constellations is work that I love. The work is beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful at times, and is such a powerful tool for healing and transformation. And that healing and transformation works on the individuals who attend, the families into which they were born, the families they find themselves in now, and even the larger world itself.

So I love it, but it’s one bear to write about!  I’m going to do that here, anyway, in hopes of sharing with you what I think makes Constellations work so powerful, and why I think you should come to know it.

First: Constellations is not astrology. In fact, it has nothing whatsoever to do with stars. (Well, except for the fact that we, ourselves, are star stuff.) Family Constellations is a therapeutic way to heal our relationships, bodies, minds and spirits through an exploration of the unseen energetic patterns at play in our families. We acknowledge that we receive many gifts from our families, some of which serve us well, and some of which do not. In the work of Family Consteallations we seek to uncover the hidden energies in our family systems, and to create healing “movements” that liberate us from the gifts that do not serve us well. Having thus cleared space in ourselves and our families, we are able to invite in ever greater blessings and gifts, which serve to strengthen us, and to help us thrive.

One very beautiful part of the work is in HOW we create that healing. In Constellations work, we create a visual, emotional and kinetic reproduction of your family’s dynamics, and look at what movements, revelations of truth and healing words and actions can bring about your best healing and transformation.
Here is a great video showing what Constellations work is like.
And here is a great article about how Constellations work is being used to heal Germans’ entanglements from the nation’s time of war.