When the Call Comes

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Look: When the call to the shamanic path comes, it is strong. It is compelling. It is, in some ways, irresistible. It thrums in your ear as you go about your day: there is more, there is so much more. It enters into your dreams, showing you both sorrows and delights that you never before knew existed. It accompanies you as you walk about your day, saying: oh, look here, the birds have so much to say to you. Or: oh, look here, at this human sorrow that is waiting for you to bring it resolution and healing.

The call has so many manifestations. If you are like I was, you’ve used all of your power to hold closed the door to shamanic work that asks you to surrender, to allow that opening. Because it is so frightening or so costly or so fraught with the possibility of abandonment. And yet, the knocking on that door, the knocking to step into your own power, to claim and declare who you truly are, the knocking to be the healing presence you stepped into this human life to be: that knocking never stops. It knocks each and every day, with a persistence that cannot be quelled.

Look: I pushed the calling aside for so many years. I eventually came to see that holding that door closed bought me nothing. I was still not like everyone else; I still could not buy my way into proper society. I didn’t gain a single moment of happiness or peace in my turning away from the call I heard each and every day. No matter what achievement I obtained in the material world, I still heard that I was destined, that I’d pre-chosen in this lifetime, to accomplished other things; things that couldn’t be measured by material gains. Things that could only be measured by human, experiential, feeling, healing gauges.

Perhaps you, too, have heard that calling, felt that yearning, seen that great need in the world for your immense presence. If you have heard this calling, in your days, in your nights, I suggest you surrender. I finally did surrender to the calling to shamanic work. My days haven’t been quieter, calmer or more peaceful.  But they have had great meaning, and they have helped so many others to healing and peace, and I have been so very content to see the affect of my work in the world and the universe. My work has been a great blessing to me.

Look: if the calling comes, you answer. To do otherwise wastes the resource that is you in this human lifetime. To do otherwise denies your purpose, your soul’s dream of who you will be in this lifetime.

If this sounds like who you are called to be: contact us to talk about our 2 year shamanic apprenticeship training. A place is being made for you there.

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  1. After taking the Everyday Shamanism class this weekend, I have a strong sense that I’m being called. One of the songs we learned keeps playing over and over in my mind…beautifully. It feels like “I’m not done; I have more work to do.” There’s also been an inner transformation. I would say a calm, a peace, yet a desire to learn more.
    I’m very appreciative for the weekend workshop. I will keep the two year course in mind. I know I’m being drawn to something that feels right for me.

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