When we start the fire, the fire comes

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I think about the element Fire a lot. It’s the earthly element we shamanic folk call on when we want rapid, even instantaneous, transformation. When a situation is so intolerant, so in need of transformation, that we can’t stand it for one more year, month or day. And the element of Fire always seems to rise to the occasion, burning away in a flash the old structures, making way for the new dreaming.

Sometimes we experience that fire as devastating, taking away comfort, protections and structures that we have come to rely on– even if we find ourselves stuck in that structure.  Sometimes we need the power of ancient, all-burning Fire to bring down structures that imprison us; the ego structures, our shadows, and our family stories that are ready and destined for release.

I wonder: what would it look like if you lit a fire beneath and within the tinder of your ancient family stories and structures? What if you consigned your shadows to the fire of transformation? What bright horizons could you see free of what holds you behind?

Let’s talk about what your free, bright, light-filled horizons might look like and how we will plot your escape to there.

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