Meeting the Ancestors

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Here is what I know about our ancestors:

  • We are the children of their dreams. Think about it. Whether you are a parent or not, you’ve dreamed about what you will leave behind with humanity when you depart this life. Will your life’s work be valuable? What about what you do makes it easier or simpler for your fellow humans to live on this earth? What can you do to answer the unmet yearnings of your ancestors? What can you do to meet the unmet yearnings from those ancestors that live, still, in your heart?
  • When we are in relationship with our ancestors, the ancestors have our backs. Our ancestors want, more than anything, to be remembered. They want us to hold their lives, their destinies, in our hearts. To honor what they lived, what they sacrificed, to bring the next generation into being. They want us to honor and respect their love for us by our reciprocal love and respect.
  • Their experiences, their ecstasies and their agonies, live within us. And when those old experiences, good or ill, entangle us we may not be capable of living our fullest expressions of who we are. I call that our Soul’s Purpose: the reason we, as a Soul, embodied as human on this earth and at this time. The sometimes mysterious or hidden purpose that drives our lives.

I’ve spent a significant portion of the past two years studying to be a certified Family, Systemic, Organizational and Nature facilitator of Constellations. I’ve struggled to find a way to talk about Constellations and the power of that work to heal both individual circumstances and larger circumstances of families, businesses and our world. I’m ready to bring this work into the world; I hope you are ready to bring it into being beside me.

Let’s talk about how your ancestors are calling you to bring their healing, and the healing of all of your ancestral line, and the healing of your own life, into being now.

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